Who Deserves A Professional Hockey Team First: Seattle or Portland?

For those who haven’t been following the National Hockey League over the past five-ten years, the league is going through a bit of a flux with its teams. This begs the question: Does Seattle or Portland deserve a hockey team first? In 2011, the poorly performing Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg; the former home of… read more »

Why Do People Hate Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

Seriously…why do people hate putting ketchup on hot dogs? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always paired ketchup with my meat of choice at a sporting event. When I was little tyke, I reckon my folks started me off  with ketchup because it’s much more readily available and has less of an impact on… read more »

National Signing Day Makes Me Loathe Being A Sports Fan

Let me get right out and say it. I hate National Signing Day. I get it college football fans. Unlike pro sports teams, you don’t have the equivalent of the NFL Draft or NBA Draft or MLB “Draft”. Therefore, you’ve latched yourselves onto your equivalent of a college football draft and you’re putting all of… read more »

Are The Gonzaga Bulldogs Stuck By Having To Play In The WCC?

On Monday, the Gonzaga Bulldogs second their second No.1 ranking in school history. The first time came back in 2013 when they were ranked No. 1 for three weeks during the regular season. The Bulldogs claimed the No.1 ranking by watching the two teams ahead of them, Villanova and Kansas, lose on the road early… read more »

Let’s Talk About What Darren Rovell Said About Working For Free

Let’s talk about what Darren Rovell said Friday on Twitter. Known to have sparked conversations in the past, the ESPN commentator started off innocently enough with a simple proposal to the Chicago Sun-Times. The Chicago Sun Times has a wire story on Northwestern basketball for a home game? Here’s an idea: Ask a student. They’ll… read more »

Promotion And Relegation Could Bring Parity To High School Sports

With each passing high school sports season, stories always seem to bubble to the surface around massive blowouts that call into question disparity amongst high school sports. This past fall, Washington’s own Archbishop Murphy football program made national headlines when teams, instead of getting blown out, opted to forfeit the game each and every week…. read more »

The Somewhat Definitive Guide To Court Storming

With the college basketball season well underway, it’s once again that time of year where young people and old people are pitted against each other in the age old debate over court storming. When do you storm a court? When should you not storm a court? How should you court storm? What you should avoid… read more »

Why Does Seattle Have No Sounders Beat Reporter?

After years of trial and tribulation, the Seattle Sounders reached the top of the soccer pyramid last December; claiming their first-ever MLS Cup. What do the residents of Puget Sound get as a reward for Seattle’s rise to the top of Major League Soccer? The removal of the Sounders beat reporter at the area’s two largest… read more »

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Do Better, Eisenhower Cadets

I’m sorry I didn’t do better, Eisenhower Cadets. I really am. Last year I was in full design mode when my alma mater, Eisenhower High School, was forced to ditch the New England Patriots logo for an original design. The school district announced a public design contest, enlisting the help of members in the community and… read more »

I Didn’t Miss Fantasy Football This Year

I was raised in a fantasy sports household. My father, for as long as I could remember, has been apart of a rotisserie baseball league in town. And when I say a rotisserie league, I mean these people (let’s face it, these men) actually knew each other in real life and held the yearly draft… read more »