Communitas: Fair Use In Fandoms

During my time at college, fair use law was one of the largest topics I tackled in my journalism studies. As a journalist, as well as someone who simply creates content and shares it online, fair use law has become a growing part of the online ecosystem the past decade. The same can be said… read more »

Communitas: A Gathering Of Gatherers

I reckon, by this point in my life, I have seen well over hundred sporting events live.  Growing up with a sports-loving father, I have never been in a situation where the idea of catching a game in-person seemed foreign. I have always been aware of how intertwined playing a sport and viewing a sport… read more »

ESPN Is A Wounded Animal Being Backed Into A Corner

Ed Werder. Brett McMurphy. Andy Katz. Jayson Stark. Chad Ford. Marc Stein. Scott Burnside. Jay Crawford. Tom Farrey. Roger Cossack. Danny Kanell. Allen Bestwick. Dottie Pepper. These are just some of the names ESPN has thrown to Father Time as they tend to their wounds in the corner.  This weeks round of layoffs at ESPN,… read more »

Skagit Valley College Athletics Logo Concept

As you might have noticed, I’m into sports logos quite a bit. Hell, I managed to justify having a sports logo encyclopedia as part of this website.  On top of categorizing logos, I’ve also dabbled in logo design as well (see Cascadia Soccer League). By no means would I consider myself someone who warrants praise… read more »

Anime Fandom-To-Sports Fandom Translation Dictionary

Having to jump back and forth between the anime fandom and sports fandom on Spor Repor, I’ve come across a lot of similarities between the two. However, due to their inherent differences, the two fandoms rarely see eye-to-eye on certain matters. While I mostly attribute this to different entertainment tastes, I also believe that you… read more »

How Far Away Are We From Video Referees On A Large Scale?

If this past weekend in the sports world taught us anything, it’s that human referees aren’t all their cut out to be.  It’s an understatement to say the expansion of sports media has effected how the consumer views the referee. Compared to instant replay, human referees seem stuck in the stone age. After all, how can… read more »

Why Did The Vancouver Whitecaps Just Trade Kekuta Manneh?

For those who don’t know, the Vancouver Whitecaps announced earlier today they had acquired Tony Tchani and $300,000 in allocation money from the Columbus Crew in exchange for forward Kekuta Manneh. My question is…why? …WHY!?! Listen…I don’t get it Vancouver. This offseason you went and acquired Brek Shea from Orlando City for a hefty sum;… read more »

Time For The Oregon Ducks To Get Over Their Elite Eight Curse

When I first started attending the university, the Oregon Ducks basketball program was being heavily overshadowed. The program was just a few years away from an Elite Eight appearance against the Florida Gators an all of a sudden thy were boasting about being crowned champions of the College Basketball Invitational. The team lost the mystique… read more »

Why The World Baseball Classic Still Has A Long Way To Go

On the morning of the 2017 World Baseball Classic finals, I’m proud to say I have not watched a single inning of the entire tournament. I have never felt the urge to change the channel. I have never felt the urge to even find the channel the tournament is being aired on.  I am not… read more »

Cascadia Soccer League Rebrand Project

…I was bored, okay. Last year at this time, you might recall, I unveiled this thing called the Cascadia Soccer League. If you’re new to Spor Repor, you can search for the league in the Junkyard section at the top of this page.  Turns out it didn’t last to long. Suffice it to say, I… read more »