Buying Tips For 2015 Topps MLS Cards

On Wednesday, Topps released its third installment of their Major League Soccer card series after taking over the licensing agreement from Upper Deck who held the license from the league’s first card set in 1997 to 2012. In 2014, Topps released both the standard MLS set and the first ever MLS set under the company’s… read more »

Little Shop Of Cards

Early on a Saturday morning, you’ll find John Ferreira busy sorting through his collection much like many others on the weekend who have a hobby. Unlike most people though, Ferreira’s hobby is also his job now after retiring from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Ferreira’s hobby is also seeing a decline in popularity and making his… read more »

Copy And Paste High School

As a student, one of the first things I was ever taught was not to steal someone else’s work and call it my own. During a test, I shall not look over Sarah’s shoulder to see what she answered for No. 12. On a group project I shall never claim I did more than my… read more »