Spor Repor Will Be Going On Hiatus

After much consideration, I have decided to put Spor Repor on hiatus for the foreseeable future. This action was taken in order for me to deal with certain personal matters that have arisen over the past few days and weeks. I don’t take this decision lightly and have done all that I can, up until… read more »

Our Suggestions For Safeco Field Name Replacements

It has been announced that Safeco will not be renewing their stadium naming rights deal with the Seattle Mariners. This means that following the 2018 season, Safeco Field will be no more and the Mariners will seek out a new stadium naming rights partner.  Given all of the tantalizing options this opportunity might procure, we… read more »

Millennial Dies After Attempting To Watch Entire Baseball Game At Home

While watching Tuesday night’s game between the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins, twenty-four year old millennial Clark Davis died while attempting to sit through the entire game at this Beaverton home. Officials at Providence Portland Medical Center state that Davis was discovered by his girlfriend late Tuesday night after arriving home from her job at… read more »

Will USMNT Be Pressured To Boycott 2018 World Cup?

I’m going to try and keep this editorial as politically neutral as possible for the purpose of focusing on the USMNT and 2018 World Cup.  For those who have been following American politics over the past year, one foreign nation has been constantly brought up as a topic of discussion: Russia. The United States and… read more »

We Gave A Twitter Audit To 34 Cascadia Sports Teams

Inspired by the recent Twitter auditing trend in the political world, we at Spor Repor decided to give 34 Cascadia sports teams the Twitter audit treatment. While an audit could involve numerous things, we are solely looking at each of these team’s Real-to-Fake follower ratio. With the potential for high follower counts being faked using… read more »

Father Still Traumatized His Son Can’t Throw A Baseball

While families across Cascadia celebrated Memorial Day weekend with outdoor barbecues and weekend excursions, one white suburban father was once again reminded of the trauma he feels knowing his son can’t throw a baseball. Logan Miller of Lake Oswego discovered four years ago that when his son Hunter tried out for the local tee ball league… read more »

Hydration Breaks Are Nothing More Than A Cop-Out

At the end of the Seattle Reign’s game versus the Houston Dash yesterday, Dash player Rachel Daly suddenly collapsed on the field due to an apparent case of heat stroke. The game, being played in Houston, kicked off at 3pm CT in 90 degrees that temperatures that, once you factored in the high humility and… read more »

Portland Seems Quite Alright Without The Portland Beavers

This year marks the seventh season since the Portland Beavers departed for Tucson. Along with 1994, these past seven years have been the only years Portland hasn’t had a professional baseball team since 1899. The citizens seem quite alright with that fact these days. Portland has always been a bit of a curmudgeon when it… read more »

Why Do We Have Playoffs Again?

We’re in the thick of NBA and NHL playoff season and once again, it seems like a tale of two different playoffs. While the NHL playoffs is once drawing in casual fans who otherwise tune out during the regular season, the NBA playoffs feel like an unnecessarily drawn-out affair. This isn’t the case every single season…. read more »