British Columbia

A 252-Team North American Soccer Pyramid

Back when I was a senior in high school, for whatever reason, I began crafting an American soccer pyramid. It was in high school I first became aware of the international soccer and the promotion/relegation format that came along with it. Yes, I love promotion and relegation. There’s something about a structure that’s otherwise non-existent in… read more »

Cascadia National Teams

With the 2016 election over and plans already being drafted for the secession of Washington, Oregon and California from the union, I figured it would be as good a time as any to draft Cascadia’s national teams. Every one who studies knows that the first thing to come after the establishment of a new country… read more »

Victoria Royals Ban Players From Using PDAs – Sportsverse

The Victoria Royals, a member of the Western Hockey League, have unveiled a new policy that they hope will help players focus more while out on the ice. The CBCBCBC reports that the Royals have enacted a new electronic device policy that has the players hand over their beloved PDAs upon entering the rink for… read more »

Vancouver Canucks Fans Gets 2017 Stanley Cup Champs Tattoo – Sportsverse

With one game in the books for the Vancouver Canucks 2016-17 regular season, one confident fan has taken the preemptive step in honoring the Canucks’s future Stanley Cup win by tattooing it on his body. Wayne Matthews of Squamish tweeted a photo of his newly finished Canucks tattoo Sunday morning; less than Vancouver’s regular season… read more »