British Columbia

New Limited Edition “Stars And Trees” Merchandise

This time of year is synonymous with new limited edition merchandise. You’re team did well in a certain tournament (that which shall not be named) and you have to mark the occasion by buying something to commemorate it.  Over the past few years, I’ve had my fair share of chances to buy these limited edition merchandise… read more »

Concerned Canadians Hope March Madness Doesn’t Spread North – Sportsverse

With March Madness in full swing, many Canadians are hoping the seasonal illness doesn’t spread beyond the border and into the Great White North and have started voicing their opinions to their local governments. In Vancouver, a collection of concerned citizens have started a group known as March Happiness has started lobbying local officials to come… read more »

March Eh-Ness – 7th Day Stretch Episode 1

Catch up on the past week’s worth of Cascadia sports news with Spor Repor’s newest podcast: 7th Day Stretch. On this edition of 7th Day Stretch, Mark looks back at the Lorenzo Romar firing, the first three days of the NCAA Tournament, the Seattle Seahawks’s recent actions in free agency, as well as how the… read more »