Cascadia Soccer League Week 8 Recap – Midweek Edition

It’s Week 8 of the Cascadia Soccer League season and, after holding onto the top spot the longest time this season, the Roslyn Rangers have relinquished first place to Forks City FC after settling for a tie Saturday at home against Real Sammamish.

Luckily for Roslyn, they will be in midweek action and be able to reclaim their top spot of the table immediately with Forks City FC off until Saturday.

Will they do so? Will they squander a prime opportunity for a bounce back? Will the remaining teams find themselves in a better position on the table than yesterday? Only one way to find out.

Here is your Week 8 recap for midweek action in the Cascadia Soccer League.

Sporting San Juan vs AC Aberdeen
Final Score: 1-0
Goals: J. Brown – 25’ (S)
Assists: J. Wright – 1 (S)
Saves: M. Castillo – 4 (S), S. Kudo – 4 (A)

Townsend Town vs Real Sammamish
Final Score: 0-1
Goals: T. Luke – 27’ (R)
Assists: B. Morgan – 1 (R)
Saves: B. Ryan – 2 (T), M. Tennison – 7 (R)

Roslyn Rangers vs West Seattle Union
Final Score: 0-0
Goals: Zero
Assists: Zero
Saves: T. Berry – 3 (R), K. Kuroba – 1 (W)