Cascadia Soccer League Week 7 Recap – Midweek Edition

It’s Week 7 of the Cascadia Soccer League season and I can’t believe it’s almost June already. Maybe it’s due to my odd sleeping pattern but who knows.

Nonetheless, the league-leading Roslyn Rangers managed to eek out a win over our Spor Repor Salmon at home to prevent Forks City FC from passing them in the standings. Meanwhile, Townsend Town stubs their toe again; losing to the Kittitas Wanderers in a blowout on Game of the Week.

With Townsend Town once again in action during midweek play with Forks City FC and Roslyn Rangers off, will they maintain pace atop the league standings or fall further down the table? Only one way to find out. Here is your Week 7 recap for midweek action in the Cascadia Soccer League.

Concrete City vs Coulee United
Final Score: 0-2
Goals: P. Benson – 10’ (COU), M. Hartley – 58’ (COU)
Assists: P. Benson – 1 (COU), A. Drury – 1 (COU)
Saves: B. Pedemonte – 2 (CNC), J. Foster – 3 (COU)

Spor Repor Salmon vs Dynamo Othello
Final Score: 0-1
Goals: J. Collins – 11’ (D)
Assists: L. Lawrence – 1 (D)
Saves: G. Ali – 2 (S), C. Peters – 2 (D)

FC Ritzville vs Kittitas Wanderers
Final Score: 1-1
Goals: M. Stanley – 18’ (R), R. Sturridge – 22’ OG (R)
Assists: M. Wayne – 1 (R)
Saves: R. Sturridge – 3 (R), T. Vista – 3 (K)

Townsend Town vs Chelan County
Final Score: 0-1
Goals: A. MacDonald – 36’ (C)
Assists: J. Lewinski – 1 (C)
Saves: B. Ryan – 3 (T), L. Romero – 2 (C)