Cascadia Soccer League Week 6 Recap – Weekend Edition

The sixth week of Cascadia Soccer League action is upon us and things are starting to bunch up across the league. At the top of the table, Townsend Town squander an opportunity in midweek action to take the top spot from Roslyn Rangers being down just one point while Forks City FC pick up a win to put themselves level with Townsend Town on points.

At the bottom of the table, AC Aberdeen take their upset win over Townsend Town to move themselves clear of the drop zone while Real Sammamish come away with a point to make themselves level with the Spor Repor Salmon on points at the bottom. However, nearly half the league still find themselves within 2 points of the bottom of the table so by no means is anyone safe.

Will either Townsend Town or Forks City FC surpass the Roslyn Rangers for the top spot on the table? Who will find themselves at the bottom of the table when this week is said and done? Why has no one suggested a cheese to me to pair with turkey and mustard on a sandwich?

Here is your Week 6 recap of the Cascadia Soccer League’s Saturday matchups. 7 games are in the books with the game between Townsend Town and Kittitas Wanderers set to kick off at 7pm with the game being broadcast live by Spor Repor.

AC Aberdeen vs FC Ritzville
Final Score: 0-0
Goals: Zero
Assists: Zero
Saves: S. Kudo – 2 (A), R. Sturridge – 0 (R)

Chelan County vs West Seattle Union
Final Score: 1-2
Goals: J. Lewinski – 5’ (C), W. Seager – 9’ (W), D. Carter – 81’ (W)
Assists: R. Hernandez – 1 (W), I. Morris – 1 (W)
Saves: L. Romero – 2 (C), K. Kuroba – 6 (W)

Yelm Athletic vs Concrete City
Final Score: 1-0
Goals: C. Lancaster – 90’ PK (Y)
Assists: Zero
Saves: Y. Mouri – 5 (Y), B. Pedemonte – 3 (C)

Coulee United vs Goldendale Rovers
Final Score: 1-1
Goals: P. Benson – 50’ (C), M. Beck – 82’ (G)
Assists: C. Corono – 1 (C), B. Potts – 1 (G)
Saves: J. Foster – 7 (C), C. Edogawa – 1 (G)

Dynamo Othello vs Forks City FC
Final Score: 1-2
Goals: J. Collins – 34’ (D), J. Stockley – 69’ (F), J. Suzuki – 73’ (F)
Assists: T. Taravao – 1 (D), R. Uley – 2 (F)
Saves: C. Peters – 2 (D), M. Call – 2 (F)

Sporting San Juan vs Real Sammamish
Final Score: 0-0
Goals: Zero
Assists: Zero
Saves: M. Castillo – 3 (SJ), M. Tennison – 5 (RS)

Spor Repor Salmon vs Roslyn Rangers
Final Score: 2-3
Goals: K. Mouri – 29’ PK (S), G. Kaminski – 2 (38’ PK, 52’) (R), T. Flanders – 45’ (S), J. Ertl – 84’ (R)
Assists: R. Taylor – 1 (R), S. Okiya – 1 (R), W. Maldonado – 1 (S)
Saves: G. Ali – 2 (S), T. Berry – 1 (R)

Townsend Town vs Kittitas Wanderers 
Final Score: 0-2
Goals: J. Nolan – 2 (3′, 49′)
Assists: R. Lancaster – 1 (K), M. Richards – 1 (K)
Saves: B. Ryan – 2 (T), T. Vista – 1 (K)