Cascadia Soccer League Week 6 Recap – Midweek Edition

It’s Week 6 of the Cascadia Soccer League season and, on Cascadia Day, things are starting to pick up steam at the top of the table. Picking up a 2-1 on the road against the league-leading Roslyn Rangers, Townsend Town have an opportunity to regain their spot on the top of the table in midweek action on the road against AC Aberdeen.

Will Townsend Town capitalize on this opportunity to either tie Roslyn or pass them by in the standings? Will they fall flat on their face on the road against a team whose currently second to last in the standings? Let’s find out.

Seriously Mark, you’re starting to sound a bit repetitive.

Forks City FC vs Sporting San Juan
Final Score: 1-0
Goals: P. Black – 18’ (F)
Assists: J. Meguire – 1 (F)
Saves: M. Call – 6 (F), M. Castillo – 1 (S)

Kittitas Wanderers vs Real Sammamish
Final Score: 2-2
Goals: M. Richards – 18’ (K), B. Morgan – 2 (50’, 66’) (S), J. Nolan – 64’ PK (K)
Assists: R. Lancaster – 1 (K), T. Luke – 1 (S), H. Hattori – 1 (S)
Saves: T. Vista – 5 (K), M. Tennison – 0 (S)

Townsend Town vs AC Aberdeen
Final Score: 1-2
Goals: J. Banton – 43’ (A), M. Papeete – 61’ (A), L. Howell – 66’ (T)
Assists: T. Kawasaki – 1 (A), E. Renteria – 1 (A), C. Munoz – 1 (T)
Saves: B. Ryan – 8 (T), S. Kudo – 3 (A)