Cascadia Soccer League Rebrand Project

…I was bored, okay.

Last year at this time, you might recall, I unveiled this thing called the Cascadia Soccer League. If you’re new to Spor Repor, you can search for the league in the Junkyard section at the top of this page. 

Turns out it didn’t last to long. Suffice it to say, I didn’t have the whole thing laid out properly and the return-on-investment was a bit low for my liking. 

A year has past and I wanted to take this time to go back and look at the once promising league. Actually, what I mean to say is, I want to go back and redo the logos.

For those who saw the logos, you can probably tell I didn’t put much time and effort into crafting them. You could say it’s one of the first few things I failed to construct properly. It shows. A year has past though and, surprising enough, I know a bit more about graphic design. In fact, I just had my first kid a few weeks ago. His name is Sno. 

Fresh off of my first kid, I took this newfound energy and decided to put it toward a good use and give some much needed love and attention to my forgotten children of the Cascadia Soccer League and rebrand the entire league. 

So, without further ado, I bring you the Cascadia Soccer League rebrand project.

Note: If you’re someone who’d like to adopt one of the CSL foster children, please contact us and we might be able to work something out. 


Cascadia Soccer League Crest

I mainly focused on cleaning things up as well as adding some depth to the logo. I believe the interlocking hexagon-like shapes achieve this. Also, scrapping the full league text for a bold “CSL” makes the text much more noticeable and memorable while fitting more smoothly into the overall design.

AC Aberdeen: “The Sparrows”

While the original Aberdeen logo was one of the better ones, I guess you could say the gunsight imagery didn’t grow on me. So, following a reason trip up to Vancouver, I was influenced to make a Native American-inspired logo. I resisted naming the team “The Seahawks” for obvious reason so I ended up settling on the sparrows because…who are known as the sparrows? No one. Look it up.

Chelan County: “The Reapers”

I liked the concept of a reaper’s scythe creating a “C” and nothing else from the original logo. Two overlapping scythes and a roundel worked out quite nicely.

Concrete City FC: “The Cinders”

This was actually my second attempt at redesigning Concrete’s logo in a few days. Originally I planned on having a fist hold a cinder block vertically but then a realized I suck at drawing anything that’s anatomical so the fist ended up not looking like a fist. An oval roundel looped inside of a cinder block is self-explanatory enough.



Dynamo Othello: “The Growlers”

I needed a team to rock the color scheme of teal of purple. With nearby Coulee United locking down orange, I figured Dynamo Othello would be most suitable. The logo is actually a case of having an idea before having a corresponding team. This initially might have been Concrete’s logo but I felt it would be better suited for Othello. In case you’re wondering, those are eleven teeth in the middle which signify the amount of players on the field for Dynamo Othello at a given time. 

FC Ritzville: “The Shockers”

Not wanting to run away from making a building into a logo, I decide to drastically simplify my original FC Ritzville logo instead of scraping it for the rebrand. The design resembles the iconic corner turret attached to the Gritman Building in downtown Ritzville. 

Forks City FC: “The Woodsmen”

The original logo had promise…it just didn’t get there. Scrapping the small Cs for one large C brought the entire logo together and made it into a crest shape. Filling the blank space in the tree designs with a darker green also further emphasized the “FC” imagery that can be found in each half of the tree. With an acronym like FCFC, it’s only fitting to incorporate it into the logo somehow.

Goldendale Rovers: “The Red Suns”

Not much was done to this logo. Adding some colored border gives the original logo a bit more pop. I could’ve scrapped it but I think it’s a serviceable enough design to work with moving forward.

Kittitas Wanderers: “The Explorers”

I liked the simple “K” design but wanted to make the telescope an actual part of the K instead of just throwing it behind the letter. Changing the colors of the lens and the (I guess I’m just going to call them rings) also gave the logo a bit more detail. 



Roslyn Rangers: “The Bureau”

I liked the original RR design but, instead of trying to be the next LA Dodgers, I slapped them on a crest that resembles a ranger badge. I also interlocked to bring the two Rs closer together.



Townsend Town: “The Armada”

I’d say Townsend Town’s original logo was the best of the bunch. Not wanting to mess it up, I added a new dark blue area below the original logo, as well as some text, and a proper white border around the entire design. 



Yelm Athletic: “The Parade”

Lastly, I had no idea why I didn’t think of adding elephant ears to this design the first go-around. Being one of the few original logos I wanted to keep largely intact, I slapped some minimalistic ears on it and gave it a much larger black border. They also kind of look like angel wings which seems fitting given the town’s most “notable” residents.

That’ll do it for this Cascadia Soccer League rebrand project. Tune in a few weeks from now when I’ll probably unveil something along the lines of a CSL kit rebrand project.