Cascadia Soccer League To Cease Regular Season Immediately; Championship Game Set For June 14th

Cascadia Soccer League has announced Saturday morning that the league will cease its 2016 inaugural season effective immediately following an emergency owners meeting held last night.

In a press release penned by Cascadia Soccer League Commissioner Randy Chandler, the league says it came to the decision after finding out they were “merely characters inside of a video game that were invented to be a part of a long-running joke.”

The league also announced it will play one final Championship Game between the current 1st and 2nd place teams in the standings; Forks City FC and the Roslyn Rangers. The game will be played in Roslyn on the 14th with the winner being crowned the inaugural Cascadia Soccer League champion.

The two teams have met earlier this season on April 30th in Forks with Roslyn winning by a score of 2-0.

Here is the Cascadia Soccer League’s press release in its entirety:

In a closed-door meeting last night, owners of the Cascadia Soccer League’s 16 founding clubs decided with a 15-to-1 vote to cease the 2016 inaugural regular season effective immediately.

The owners came to decision after coming to the conclusion they were, in fact, non-existent and merely characters inside of a video game that were invented to be a part of a long-running joke.

After determining that was their fate, they decide that it was a best course of action to conclude the season immediately.

The owners have decide to hold one final game that will take place on June 14th between Forks City FC and Roslyn Rangers to crown a premature 2016 Cascadia Soccer League Champion. The game will be played at Twin Peaks Park in Roslyn who hold the tie-breaker over Forks City FC in goal differential.

Our broadcasting partner Spor Repor will be broadcasting the game live at the usual 7PM start time.

Tickets go on sale never due to the fact that, once again, the team owners realized they are in a video game and the creation of someone’s elaborate yet faulty imagination.

We express our deepest concerns to all those who bought tickets, which was no one, and fans who supported the Cascadia Soccer League.

We are proud to have left a lasting legacy that spans more games than the Xtreme Football League and Major Football League combined and hope to one day, in the future, to return with a higher-quality and more-beloved form of entertainment for the residents of greater Cascadia to enjoy.

Randy Chandler
Cascadia Soccer League Commissioner

Sources say the lone no vote belong to the owner of the Spor Repor Salmon who plans on converting his team into a travel squad in the near future. The remaining teams have decided to fold.
Trademarks belonging to the Cascadia Soccer League and the 15 teams that are folding have been transferred to Spor Repor under terms of their agreement with the league to back out of their broadcasting deal early.
Spor Repor will be televising the Cascadia Soccer League championship game live on the 14th at 7PM.