Canucks Fans Deciding To Finally Care About Their Local Junior Hockey Team – Sportsverse

With the Vancouver Canucks season officially in the books, countless Canucks fans are now starting to care about their local junior hockey team.

Playoffs are well under way in the WHL and BCHL and Canucks fans, who are busy trying to fill a void in the heart, are starting to take notice of how their local teams are doing. 

“Since the Canucks not playing too far away, I really haven’t bothered becoming a diehard Express fan,” said Clyde Lemieux of Coquitlam. 

“Doesn’t Langley have two teams? I kind of feel overwhelmed keeping up with them on top of Vancouver during the season,” said Heather Balfour of Langley. 

“Do the Heat still play at that new arena next to the university,” asked Taylor Calhoun of Abbotsford.

With the playoffs well under way and many teams already having their seasons in the books like the Canucks, many fans are suffering from deja vu as they find out the fate of their local team.

“I thought the Clippers were good. What the hell happened,” stated Jordan Williamson of Nanaimo.

“The Giants haven’t won a playoff game in how long? No wonder the Coliseum kicked them out,” said Katherine Hepburn of Walnut Grove.

“I think there’s a typo of PJHL’s website,” mentioned Harry Webster of Surrey. “The Knights couldn’t have lost that many games this season It’s literally impossible…right?”

“Wait a minute, we don’t even have a junior hockey team,” asked Kelly O’Conners of Burnaby. “We have a quarter of a million people in this town. Are you telling me we can’t even muster a Junior B side. We have a god damn velodrome and yet we don’t have a single ice rink suitable enough for a junior hockey team. What kind of logic is that? We have more ultimate frisbee and american football teams than ice hockey teams!”