Canucks Fan Still Believes Team Has A Shot At The Playoffs – Sportsverse

With just two games left in the regular season, a longtime Vancouver Canucks fan believes his team still has a shot at the playoffs.

Arthur Brewster of Maple Ridge, a lifelong Canucks fan, is still holding onto the belief that his team, which has been eliminated from playoff contention for quite some time, can make this season’s playoffs. 

“It’s important to never give up hope,” says Brewster. “It isn’t over until the final buzzer goes off. The Canucks still have two games to go this season. Anything can happen.”

While Vancouver have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs for well over a week, Brewster still believes there are many scenarios that will grant the Canucks a playoff berth.

“What if a team decides to go on strike,” stated Brewster. “Right before the playoffs would be a perfect time to go on strike. Think of the bargaining power for the players. I don’t know why they’d go on strike, maybe for something like wages, but this is the best time to do it. The league will then remove the team from the playoffs and grant the spot to another team.”

When it was pointed out to Brewster that at least three teams would be ahead of Vancouver if a playoff spot opened up, he continued to assert Vancouver’s chances at receiving a spot in the playoffs.

“Well…” said Brewster. “…what about a plane crash? Planes can crash. It’d be tragic but it can happen. The roof of an arena could also cave in during a game and kill all of the players in the process. I saw a YouTube video. No one was killed but it sure happened quick. That’d take out the remaining two teams. Hell, what if a team plane crashed into the roof of an arena during a game? Is it unlikely? Yes. Is there a zero percent chance it could happen? No. That’s why I still think the Canucks have a shot at the playoffs. There is a more than zero percent chance of it happening.”