Blitz, The Seattle Seahawks Mascot, In Serious Condition After Crashing Into American Airlines Flight – Sportsverse

Beloved Seattle Seahawks mascot Blitz is in serious condition Thursday morning after crashing mid-air into an American Airlines flight headed from Seattle to Dallas.

Blitz, en route to the NFL Draft later today in Chicago, struck the front of the aircraft just over the Cascade Mountains, leaving a massive dent in the nose of the plane. The plane was forced to return to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. No one on the aircraft was harmed in the collision.


Initially the American Airlines flight was scheduled to depart at 3:15PM but instead took off just over 20 minutes later. Blitz, who was already airborne prior to the announcement, was unable to change his flight pattern accordingly and thus blindsided.

Blitz was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle shortly after his body was located in the woods. Dr. James Vo, the surgeon leading the operation on Blitz, states that Blitz shattered most of the bones in his body between the impact with the plane, as well as the ground, but his vital organs have been brought to a stable condition.

Blitz will remain in the ICU under doctor supervision for the time being. It is unclear whether or not Blitz will be ready in time for the Seahawks regular season this fall. Blitz’s replacement as the Seattle Seahawks mascot spot would be his current sidekick BOOM.