Following last night’s Pac-12 Conference Championship game between the Oregon Ducks and Arizona Wildcats, ESPN commentator Bill Walton tattooed the phrase “Conference of Champions” across his chest following a wild night of partying in Las Vegas.

Walton, who was his ruckus self Saturday night, reportedly rode the wave of excitement that culminated from the game into a night on the Vegas strip. The commentator was reportedly spotted by individuals inside of the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and MGM Grand.

After being seen exiting Hakkasan late Saturday night, Walton made his way to a tattoo parlor located in the Mandalay Bay. Walton then proceeded to receive a “Conference of Champions” tattoo, in Old English font, across the span of his chest. Walton was later picked up by his work husband Dave Pasch shortly after the tattoo was finished and was taken to his hotel.

Those close to Bill Walton state that he has been wanting to get this tattoo for some time and this was not a rash decision. “He’s been wanting to get a tattoo like this for awhile,” stated a source close to Walton. “All he talks about is the Conference of Champions. He won’t shut up about it. I tell him all the time that we have a game to cover and we have to remain impartial but he just won’t stop using that phrase. I’m just glad he didn’t get it tattooed across his forehead. That would not look that good on-camera. I hope he’s happy.”

“We at ESPN respect the private lives of our commentators,” said an ESPN spokesperson when asked about Walton’s Las Vegas partying. “So long as their actions don’t harm their ability to work for our company, we allow them to do as they please in their off-time. We will not comment on this situation any further.”

Walton has yet to comment on this situation.