The BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps organizations have announced they will be opening up BC Place to United States refugees as a place for temporary residence. 

In an effort to help alleviate the large influx of United States refugees entering Vancouver, BC Place’s two major tenants have opened up the downtown Vancouver stadium for refugees as they seek more permanent housing accommodations.

“We understand the troubling events that are causing a large influx of United States refugees to enter Canada over the past few months. As an olive branch to our new Canadian citizens, we are offering BC Place as temporary housing for those who have yet to find permanent housing in the Vancouver area,” said the teams in a joint statement. ”

“We understand the sticker price for many Vancouver homes is enough to send people into the woods for temporary housing while they figure out which leg to cut off in order to afford a two-bedroom house within thirty minutes of downtown. In order to prevent these refugees from infringing on the woodland territories of Vancouver millennials, we are opening up our stadium as they try to find permanent housing, within their price range, in up-and-coming Vancouver suburbs such as Kamloops and Kelowna.”

With the Lions season about to kick-off and the Whitecaps season well underway, both sides addressed how the refugees residing at BC Place will be handled come game day.

“On Lions and Whitecaps game days, we will be temporarily relocating the refugees within BC Place at the time to the Lions training facility in Surrey. We will be giving each refugee a free SkyTrain ticket to get to the facility by themselves and ask that they be out of the stadium no later than three hours before the game starts, eh.”

Both sides stated that BC Place will be opened to United States refugees for the immediate future or until a more concrete solution to handle the influx of refugees is discovered by the city of Vancouver. Officials estimate that currently ten thousand refugees cross the Canadian border into British Columbia every day.