During last night’s preseason game versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders, BC Lions rookie Hubert Lion mauled an opposing offensive lineman during his first snap in the game.

Lion, who was signed after a video depicting his tackling skills went viral last month, was subbed into the 3rd quarter of last night’s game in Vancouver for his first action of the CFL preseason. Lion lined up as a defensive lineman and, when Roughriders quarterback Vince Young snapped the ball, proceeded to maul Saskatchewan’s left tackle Derrick Dennis. 

The Lions were given a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct once Lion settled down and the tranquilizer darts took effect. Lion was thrown out of the game and, immediately following the game, it was announced that he’d be suspended for BC’s regular season opener versus Edmonton.

“I’m certainly disappointed in Lion’s actions tonight,” said BC Lions head coach Wally Buono. “Our coaching staff drilled into him over the past few weeks not to maul the opposing players and simply bring them to the ground with a tackle. Lion was just a bit antsy in the heat of the moment after receiving his first CFL snap and went a little bit overboard. I apologize on behalf of the Lions organization to Mr. Dennis and the Roughriders organization. We promise we will stamp out his mauling tendency by the time our game against Toronto rolls around.”

Dennis was immediately taken to Vancouver General Hospital following the mauling by Lion. Doctors say his football career is over and he will remain bed ridden as a vegetable for the remainder of his life.

Roughriders head coach Chris Jones, after learning the extent of Dennis’s injuries, stated that Saskatchewan has a next-man-up mentality and they will recover from Dennis’s absence. “Our team will recover from this minor setback and we’ll have an answer for Lion come August when we face BC again.”