Austin Davis Attempts To Appease Kaepernick Fans By Saying He Will Kneel Down For Every Snap He Plays

In an effort to appease Seahawks fans who were disappointed that the team didn’t acquire Colin Kaepernick, quarterback Austin Davis stated he will kneel down for every snap he is on the field for during the upcoming season. 

Many Seahawks were upset earlier this week when the team passed on former average quarterback Colin Kaepernick in favor of perennial backup Austin Davis. In an effort to make peace with the fans his signing might have alienated, Davis attempted to reassure fans he will honor Kaepernick during this upcoming season.

“For every snap I’m on the field for this regular season, I will kneel down in honor of Kaepernick and the message he brought forth last season,” stated Davis on Twitter. “For every field goal kick I hold, I’ll kneel down for Colin. For every late 4th quarter blowout snap I play, I’ll kneel for Colin. For every blown protection by my offensive line, I will kneel down in honor of Kaepernick instead of getting hit.”

Davis also commented on the blowback the team has received for signing a quarterback that would ultimately have less of an impact on the game than Kaepernick would have.

“I want to reassure Kaepernick fans that I will not be earning any more snaps this season than he would have. I will not earn any sort of favoritism. I will sit on the bench for the entire duration of the regular season just like Colin would have.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll reiterated Davis’s point to reporters earlier this morning.

“Oh yeah, there is no way in hell we’re letting Austin Davis take a meaningful snap under center during the regular season,” said Carroll. “The reason we signed him over Kaepernick is we think Davis will be a better water boy in the interim. Plus, some veteran Seahawks players might be unable to control themselves this season knowing that Russell’s “fiercest rival” is now his backup. The laughter would be unbearable.”