Atlanta Sharks – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Atlanta Sharks
Alter Egos: Bottom of Atlanta’s Totem Pole/ Wait, Atlanta Has An Indoor Football Team?
League: American Indoor Football
True Rival: Local media attention
Hometown: Loganville, Georgia
Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Atlanta due to it’s driving distance from Loganville but other than that, anywhere.
Home Venue: Creekside Sports Center who apparently are big fans of the 1990s Kansas City Wizards logo.
Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: El Ranchero Mexican Bar – 0.2 miles (though you do have to cross a highway)
Best Player Name: This One Guy
Worst Player Name: That Other Guy (They should really update their website)
Chances In A Nickname War: Against water-based nicknames and natural disasters: good. Against anything on land or air: case-by-case basis.
Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: 75% although they haven’t tweeted since September so who knows.
Interesting Fact: Spor Repor has a larger social media presence than the Atlanta Sharks do. Score one for us I guess


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