Are You A Sports Otaku?

Well…are you? Actually, before you answer yes or no, let me explain what an otaku is for those who don’t you.

Otaku is a Japanese term given to individuals who show they obsessive interests. In Japan, those interests are mainly anime and manga. An otaku is someone who buys every new book the day it comes out, watches the show the moment it is released, purchases DVDs the moment they are on sale, and even dedicate their entire room toward their interest by covering in various forms of memorabilia and collectibles.

Sound a bit familiar? It should. These common examples of obsessive fandom correlate quite nicely to the sporting landscape in the US.

Do you have season tickets for a sports team? Do you have boxes of trading cards you collected over the years or when you were younger somewhere in your closet or garage? Does your entire wardrobe consist of team shirts and jerseys? Do you own anything that has been autographed by a player that, without the autograph, would otherwise be worthless in comparison?

If you answered yes to any of those questions than you my friend are a sports otaku.

So, with your new title that shows just how much of a fan you really are, why not flaunt your obsession around town in a new sports otaku t-shirt.

Sports Otaku Shirt

Written in kanji-inspired letters, sport this red and white t-shirt around town and show off the fact that you are an obsessive sports fan and also know at least one word in Japanese. Oh sure, you might know what konnichiwa means, but I’m sure as hell you didn’t know how to spell it until I just showed you.

So, go pick up your sports otaku t-shirt today simply by click the shirt above which will bring you to our store. Doumo arigatou.


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