Anime Fandom-To-Sports Fandom Translation Dictionary

Having to jump back and forth between the anime fandom and sports fandom on Spor Repor, I’ve come across a lot of similarities between the two. However, due to their inherent differences, the two fandoms rarely see eye-to-eye on certain matters.

While I mostly attribute this to different entertainment tastes, I also believe that you could argue terminology often gets lost in translation. In fact, I reckon sports fans and anime fans have a lot more in common then they realize. 

With Sakura-Con, Cascadia’s largest anime convention, happening this weekend, I figured I’d try to bring the fandoms a little closer together (also because it’d benefit this site if they did #sellout). Therefore, here is a list of some of the most widely used terms found in the anime fandom and their sports fandom equivalents. 

Anime Strike = Fox Sports 1

Stop trying to be like ESPN, FS1.

Baka = Most referees

At least the ones reffing the games your team’s playing in.

Best Girl = Tom Brady

Don’t deny it.

Chuunibyou = LaVar Ball

Sure you can LaVar, sure you can.

Comiket = The Super Bowl

Cosplay = Wearing authentic jerseys

Crunchyroll = ESPN

They’re both the greatest, and worst, programming networks in their genre at the same time. 

Dakimakura = Autographed memorabilia

Daisuki = CBS Sports Network

Cheer up CBSN, you’ve got…C-USA football rights. That’s something to be proud about…probably. I wouldn’t know. I’m a Pac-12 alumni. 

Dandere = Tim Duncan

Deredere = Tim Tebow

They’re just too happy for their own good.

Doujinshi = Fantasy Sports

Dub = ESPN Deportes

Ecchi = NFL Cheerleaders

Fan Service = The WWE

Everything that goes into WWE’s production is the quintessential definition of fan service.

Funimation = NBC Sports Network

Galge = The video game Football Manager

Simulators that no one likes to admit how many hours they’ve put into. 

Gunpla = Sports cards

Niche collecting markets that have been around forever and can get expensive pretty quickly.

Harem = Favorite sports team

Hentai = NFL RedZone

You watch NFL RedZone, after watching broadcast games for decades, and try telling me it wasn’t an orgasmic experience.

Kamidere = Cristiano Ronaldo

Kawaii = Mascots

KissAnime = FirstRowSports

Oh yeah, of course you’ve never heard of either of these two things. 

Kuudere = Peyton Manning

Chicken taiyaki you taste so good…

Lolicon = Women’s gymnastics 

Why do I feel like I immediately regret putting this term in here?

Magical Girl = Women’s basketball

Two things that male fans aren’t necessarily gung-ho about sharing publicly. 

Mecha = Battlebots

Moe = The Little League World Series

Mascots would also be considered moe.

Nendoroid/Figure Collecting = Sneaker Collecting

Different levels of collecting. Casuals actively use their collections while hardcore enthusiasts try preserving their collections at all costs.

Otaku = A season-ticket holder

Oddly enough, season tickets often cost as much purchasing an entire series on Blu-Ray in Japan. 

OVA = Pay-Per-View

Special products that most people don’t actually buy themselves. Thank you Periscope. 

Pocky = Peanuts and cracker jacks

I don’t care if my waistline comes back

Senpai = Team Coach

Notice me coach!

Seinen = Golf

For hardcore seinen fans, try pool or bowling.

Seiyu = Athlete

Shipping = Free Agency/Draft/Trade Projections

Chip Kelly x Oregon Ducks, am I right?

Shoujo = Cheerleading, Softball, Volleyball etc.

Shounen = Baseball, Football, Hockey etc.

The Anime Network = Fox Sports 2

The two channels you’ve completely forgotten about until I just reminded you.

Tsundere = Gregg Popovich

Waifu/Husbando = Favorite athlete

I will also accept Tom Brady as a suitable translation.

Weeaboo = Soccer hooligans

Yandere = Luis Suarez

Yaoi = Men’s beach volleyball

I wonder why this sport is popular…

Yuri = Women’s beach volleyball

I wonder why this sport is popular…

Zettai Ryouiki = The sweet spot on a baseball bat

Once you go zettai, you never go back.

While this is by no means a definitive translation dictionary, hopefully this will help the anime fandom and sports fandom see one another in a new light…and make them want to tune into the latest installment of the Sports Otaku Podcast #sellout.