Last night during the release of the NFL regular season schedule, the sounds of aggressive love making disrupted the processions momentarily on live TV.

The NFL regular season schedule, which was announced on the NFL Network last night at 5pm, was shortly interrupted when the sounds of aggressive love making were picked up by the studio microphones. 

The sounds, originally thought to be coming from the opening of a web page, were found to be originating from a home east of the network’s Culver City studios. 

The disruption, which occurred a minute into the live broadcast, lasted thirty seconds before ceasing. 

Following the short disruption, anchor Rich Eisen commented on the matter by saying “it can’t be that good. I mean, love making can’t compare to the excellent slate of opening weekend games the NFL has on the docket this year. Jaguars at Texans. Colts at Rams. Jets at Bills. Steelers at Browns. No form of love making can compete with this slate of fine games.”

Other then the general location of the sounds, the culprits have yet to be found. One studio official said it was by no means a priority to discover the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

“I heard stuff in that thirty seconds I’ve only heard in the absolute smuttiest of videos like Backdoor Sluts 9. I would like to be able to sleep at night not knowing where those sounds originated from. It’s bad enough that I know the sounds were within earshot of the studio. I don’t want nightmares.”

While the NFL regular season schedule had already been leaked well in advance of the planned televised event on Twitter, it was announced during the event that the Atlanta Falcons have already forfeited their Week 7 game against New England and that the Cleveland Browns have preemptively been awarded the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.