About Spor Repor

Spor Repor is a light-hearted/satirical sports news media website dedicated to covering the area known as Cascadia (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon).

Spor Repor produces a form of journalism known as comedic journalism. Similar examples to Spor Repor’s type of content include Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, and that one other popular show on Comedy Central that went off the air a few years ago. What was its name again…

Spor Repor offers a variety of different content that spans the spectrum of comedic journalism ranging from satire to parody to dry humor and everything in between. We even through in some legitimate news stories from time-to-time to keep you on your toes. Nonetheless, Spor Repor still prides itself on abiding by standard journalism practices and ethics. Although, we like to give it a bit of Spor Repor’s special sauce.

Here are some examples of the type of content you might find while surfing our site.

  • Scores From Around Cascadia: Your daily fix of scores from Cascadia’s sports teams; ranging from the pros to the level of minor league sports that is on the verge of being considered a well-organized rec league.
  • Sportsverse: Satirical news stories.
  • Daily Repors: Stories pertaining to legitimate and factual news (albeit we might throw in a riff or two). Also the location for general Spor Repor-related postings such as new podcasts, videos, and updates to the Logo-Pedia.
  • Fore Things: Op-ed pieces.
  • Junkyard: An amalgamation of former content formats that didn’t quite last. By no means do we bat 100%.  
  • Line of text written in Italics: Spor Repor’s resident conscience whose purpose is to act as the counter weight to the writer and/or break the fourth wall for a comedic effect. His name is Steve. Don’t ask why…

Another feature you can find on the Spor Repor that’s not Cascadia-related is the Logo-Pedia, the largest active collection of sports team logos online in terms of unique teams.

Why Spor Repor have this thing that clearly doesn’t fit the mold of the website? Well…why not?

Spor Repor also produces other forms of media including audio podcasts such as our Sports Otaku Podcast where we review sports anime (…once again, why not?) as well as an expanding video library. We also have a shop if you’d prefer to see me eat anything more than ramen for the next year or two.


Mark Patrick Lavis

Founder, Spor Repor

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