40 Year-Old Man Doesn’t Harass High School Kids On National Signing Day – Sportsverse

A 40 year-old man has done the unthinkable on college football’s National Signing Day.

Brady Williams of Charlotte has bucked the tradition that so many of his fellow Duke alumni take part in and has decided to not harass high school football players online who did not commit to playing for the Blue Devils.

“I just don’t really see the point,” said Williams whose garnered much press over the last 24 hours for his decision. “I’m a grown man. I think it’s a bit weird to care so much about where some random high school kid decides to go to college.”

Williams is already feeling some backlash from users of high school football player harassment breeding grounds Rivals and 24/7 Sports who are questioning his loyalty to Duke.

“This is tradition, bro. Only dumb [expletives] don’t commit to Duke. We need to educate to future generations about how much the North Carolina Tar Heels are [expletives],” said Lance Calloway, a self-proclaimed proud Duke football season-ticket holder.

Another alumni tradition Williams has refused to take part in is following every Duke recruit on Twitter and Instagram as well as sending them a friend request on Facebook. “We’re still talking about kids that are still in high school, right” said Williams with a puzzled look on his face. “If I followed a 17 year-old boy who didn’t commit to Duke, I’d be considered a pedophile. Well, at least I’d been seen as a creep. Why should a person being a Duke commitment change that? At least wait until he takes to the field for the Blue Devils people.”

Don’t worry college alumni as Williams is in the minority of bucking the National Signing Day trends. Earlier today, a Michigan alum who was upset at a player switching to Michigan State at the last second set the player’s house on fire. Also, in California, a USC fan through a temper tantrum at a San Diego bar and broke nearly $10,000 worth of liquor bottles after a two-star wide receiver, who was thought to be committing to the Trojans, opted to sign for the University of Wyoming.