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Sports Otaku Podcast – Episode 9 (Ro-Kyu-Bu! Episode 1-4)

In episode 9 of the Sports Otaku Podcast, Mark and Andrew wonder what the hell they just watched and if they’re on a list somewhere now after watching the first four episodes of the loli basketball anime Ro-Kyu-Bu! On next week’s edition of the Sports Otaku Podcast, Andrew and Mark will be reviewing the first… read more »

Cascadia Soccer League Week 6 Recap – Midweek Edition

It’s Week 6 of the Cascadia Soccer League season and, on Cascadia Day, things are starting to pick up steam at the top of the table. Picking up a 2-1 on the road against the league-leading Roslyn Rangers, Townsend Town have an opportunity to regain their spot on the top of the table in midweek… read more »

WNBA – Nickname Power Rankings

Hello everyone and happy Cascadia Day. Welcome to the inaugural installment of Spor Repor’s Power Rankings. With every sports website online, no matter the level of expertise, giving you their opinion about where teams stack up in the league, we thought that Spor Repor should get in on the action. I mean, we’re the opinionest… read more »

CSL GOTW – Real Sammamish vs West Seattle Union (Week 5)

In Week 5 of the Cascadia Soccer League, we have arguably the most heated rivalry in all of CSL on Game of the Week. Real Sammamish travel to the gritty West Seattle Union in the inaugural Gods and Clods Derby match. Who will come out on top and will Mark be able to make it… read more »