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Kittitas Wanderers – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: Kittitas Wanderers Hometown: Kittitas, WA Home Venue: Kittitas Park – 12,000 Nickname: The Explorers Supporters Group: The Herd Derbies: Kittitas County Derby (Roslyn Rangers) Cascadia Soccer League’s ninth team to enter the fray is at the center of the action in the middle of the state. The Kittitas Wanderers are hopeful club who hope to have a strong season… read more »

Goldendale Rovers – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: Goldendale Rovers Hometown: Goldendale, WA Home Venue: Goldendale Park – 10,000 Nickname: The Prairie People Supporters Group: The Klickitat Cavalry Derbies: The 97 Derby (Spor Repor Salmon) The eighth team in the Cascadia Soccer League are a defensive-minded club who hope to wear down their opponent over the course of a match and strike when they’re the most vulnerable. Starting… read more »

David Stern Apologizes To City Of Seattle Over The Sonics – Sportsverse

In a heart-wrenching press conference Friday morning, former NBA commissioner David Stern apologized to the city of Seattle over the handling of the Supersonics just under a decade ago. With tears rushing down his face and having to stop every minute or so to regain his composure, Stern was open about his involvement regarding the approval… read more »

MLFB Announces Deal To Become The NFL’s Development League – Sportsverse

After months of delayed announcements, businesses backing out of deals, and overall mismanagement, the future of Major League Football has become much brighter. MLFB announced today it has reached a partnership agreement with the National Football League to become the league’s official development league starting this year. The league, which will be having their inaugural season… read more »