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Chelan County – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League

Team Name: Chelan County Hometown: Chelan, WA Home Venue: Chelan Stadium – 10,000 Nickname: The Reapers Supporters Group: Legion of the Lake Derbies: The Lake Wars (Coulee United) The second team we look at from the Cascadia Soccer League is Chelan County; a club at the mouth of Lake Chelan who have a knack for physical play. Chelan County hope to… read more »

AC Aberdeen – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: AC Aberdeen Hometown: Aberdeen, WA Home Venue: Harbor Park – 12,000 Nickname: The Infantry Supporters Group: Gray’s Guys & Gals Derbies: 101 Derby (Forks City FC), The Southwest Derby (Yelm Athletic) The first team to enter the Cascadia Soccer League ring is AC Aberdeen; a rough and hard-working team from the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. Starting Lineup: LS –… read more »

Spor Repor Announces Cascadia Soccer League Broadcast Schedule

We are pleased to announce Spor Repor’s broadcast schedule for the upcoming 2016 Cascadia Soccer League inaugural regular season. The CSL regular season kicks off this April 16th with all 16 teams in action. Each game will start at 1PM PST excluding the Spor Repor Game of the Week which starts at 7PM PST. The… read more »

Gonzaga Player Thanks Cthulhu For Upset Win Over Seton Hall – Sportsverse

Following yesterday’s upset victory in the NCAA Tournament over the Seton Hall Pirates, one Gonzaga player took it upon himself to let it be known what the key to the Bulldogs’s victory: Cthulhu. During his post-game interview, Gonzaga forward Domantas Sabonis, who led the team with 21 points on the night, proclaimed that is was… read more »

Scores From Around Cascadia – March 18th 2016

Since this is the first Scores From Around Cascadia article and we only had one game take place last night (thanks schedule makers), I thought I’d give you a run-down of what to expect. Scores From Around Cascadia compiles all the scores you need to know from Cascadia’s finest sports teams and puts them altogether…. read more »