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Coulee United – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: Coulee United Hometown: Grand Coulee, WA Home Venue: Grand Stadium – 10,000 Nickname: The Power Supporters Group: Dam Outlaws Derbies: The Lake Wars (Chelan County) Grand Coulee, Washington is home to not just the largest producer of electricity in US but the fourth team in the Cascadia Soccer League.Coulee United’s game plan is to power their way right through… read more »

Concrete City – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: Concrete City Hometown: Concrete, WA Home Venue: Cement Park – 35,000 Nickname: The Crusaders Supporters Group: The Wall Derbies: The Northern Washington Derby (Sporting San Juan) The third team to join the Cascadia Soccer League hope to be an immovable object and let no one get in their way onto the CSL League Cup. Concrete City will channel their… read more »

Eugene To Host Inter Milan vs PSG Friendly Because Why The Hell Not

Seriously, what the heck is going on in Eugene, Oregon these days. First, they’re reportedly in the running to land one of the eight franchises in the newly formed Major League Football that’s supposed to start this spring but the league has neither announced the schedule or the teams even though we’re already into spring…. read more »