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Chattanooga Rail Runners – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Chattanooga Rail Runners Alter Ego: Chattanooga Choo Choo Trains, The Little Engines That Could, Chattanooga has a basketball team? League: Central Basketball Association (CBA) True Rivals: Middle Tennessee Storm, Chattanooga Mocs, Noise pollution from the neighboring airport Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee Home Venue: Brainerd High School – Enough Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Bud’s Sports Bar – 1.8 miles… read more »

Spor Repor’s New Year Resolutions

Hello again Internet. I see that we have made it to 2016. I wasn’t around the past few days as I was taking part in the Lavis’s annual Y2K bunker tradition so I was locked in a hole for four days. Some say it’s a crazy tradition but I say, what family tradition isn’t crazy… read more »