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2015 Quick Lane Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-7) vs Central Michigan Chippewas (7-5) The Motor City has really fallen on some hard times. Once home to the Motor City Bowl that saw a decent matchup between the MAC champion/runner-up and an alright team from the Big Ten, this year Detroit is stuck with the Quick Lane Bowl which sees… read more »

2015 Military Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Pittsburgh Panthers (8-4) vs #21 Navy Midshipmen (10-2) In what could be the most patriotic bowl game of the season, the Pittsburgh Panthers from the hard-working middle class area of western Pennsylvania are up against the 21st ranked United States Naval Academy in the Military Bowl. Much like New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl, Navy… read more »

Nickname Wars: MRPBL (Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League)

Welcome everyone to a special Christmas Eve edition of Nickname Wars. Why is it special? Well…this article is published on Christmas Eve and…that’s all I got. Oh, we have new graphics expect for our brackets because I’m don’t do well with drastic change so I’m easing myself into them. Expect a complete overhaul for our… read more »

Fresno Monsters – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Fresno Monsters Alter Ego: Fresno Not Falcons League: Western States Hockey League (WSHL) True Rivals: Tahoe Icemen, Fresno State football/basketball, figure skating practice Hometown: Fresno, California Home Venue: Gateway Ice Center – Umm…enough? Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Whisky Dicks…no…Nick’s Lounge…no…fine, Liquor King – 1.2 miles Best Player Names: Wolfgang Boehringer (if this man doesn’t someday play for the… read more »

2015 Foster Farms Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

After receiving an oddly large amount of disparaging e-mails that verge on harassment, I decided to annotate this specific article that, like every Crystal Ball piece, is supposed to be read as a form of parody and satire on the typical game preview you find on blogs which lean toward one specific team and yet… read more »

2015 Camping World Independence Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Virginia Tech Hokies (6-6) vs Tulsa Golden Hurricanes (6-6) Following one of the most unlikely postseason matchups in the Pinstripe Bowl, the Camping World Independence Bowl has one of the most fitting matchups of this bowl season. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech’s head coach, gets to end his career as a head football coach at the… read more »

2015 New Era Pinstripe Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Duke Blue Devils (7-5) vs Indiana Hoosiers (6-6) The New Era Pinstripe Bowl has all the makings of this being the biggest curmudgeon of the 2015 bowl season. Not only is this football game being played inside a stadium designated for baseball and for the time being soccer, the other football, but the two teams… read more »

2015 Zaxbys Heart of Dallas Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Washington Huskies (6-6) vs Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (9-4) You thought the crystal ball enjoyed covering Washington State in the Sun Bowl? My schadenfreude for the Cougars has nothing on UDub. The same goes for Crystal Ball’s Sun Bowl prediction: do not read on if you are a Washington Huskies faithful and easily offended. I’m especially… read more »

2015 Hyundai Sun Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Miami Hurricanes (8-4) vs Washington State Cougars (8-4) I’m going to get this out of the way upfront because we at Spor Repor believe in journalistic integrity and being transparent. Washington State sucks. If you are a Cougars fan and easily offended, click out of this article now. The crystal ball was born and raised in… read more »