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Sacramento Republic FC – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Sacramento Republic Football Club Alter Egos: Sacramento Republic Soccer Club League: USL Pro…wait…now it’s just called USL True Rival: Minnesota United FC, UC Davis, A Calvin Klein underwear model Hometown: Sacramento, California – The state capital of California (Yeah I know, I thought it was Fresno too) Where Not To Stay When Visiting From… read more »

Nickname Wars March Madness: NCAA Play-In Round

Welcome to the start of something great or what will turn out to be the worst decision anyone has ever made over Spring Break…more than likely. With the official launch of Spor Repor underway (think of it like declaring a relationship Facebook official), we are rolling out our March Madness edition of Nickname Wars because… read more »

A Future For Civic

Starting its fourth season in Major League Soccer, the Portland Timbers franchise has quickly become one of the most beloved in the league thanks in part to their fervent fans and the historic downtown stadium Providence Park. That popularity isn’t restricted to the Rose City however. Just one hundred and twelve miles south along Interstate-5,… read more »

A Battle For Civic

You’d think in a town that calls itself Track Town USA and is home to university that birthed Nike founder Phil Knight and the 2015 Rose Bowl champion would be an easy market to raise funds for one of the town’s most iconic stadiums. This however was not the case for Civic Stadium in Eugene,… read more »

A Friend For Civic

It will never remember your birthday, walk you down the aisle at your wedding, or give you a hug when you’re feeling down but that doesn’t stop Dennis Hebert and the Friends of Civic Stadium from treating the deteriorating Civic Stadium as a member of the family. “I lived about ten blocks from here and… read more »

Little Shop Of Cards

Early on a Saturday morning, you’ll find John Ferreira busy sorting through his collection much like many others on the weekend who have a hobby. Unlike most people though, Ferreira’s hobby is also his job now after retiring from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Ferreira’s hobby is also seeing a decline in popularity and making his… read more »