2015 TaxSlayer Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

Penn State Nittany Lions (7-5) vs Georgia Bulldogs (9-3)

Can we start a petition to bring back the Gator Bowl? Call it the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl so the bowl can keep its sponsorship. It’s just calling this game the TaxSlayer Bowl feels really cheap and yes I am insulting the business TaxSlayer. Take a hint from H&R Block and come up with a company name that doesn’t sound like it belongs to a fake company in a EA sports game.

In this year’s Gator Bowl (screw it, I’m staging a protest) we have two historic programs that have seen better days with the Penn State Nittany Lions and Georgia Bulldogs facing off against each other.

Penn State, who still are feeling the ramifications of what happened a few years ago though the light at the end of the tunnel as never been stronger, are boring. Sorry, I had to say it. I’d also ask how the hell this team managed to go 7-5 but after doing so many previews with Big Ten teams in them I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record. The Big Ten is top-heavy. There, I said it.

The Nittany Lions have two wins over above 500 teams, zero against Top 25 opponents, including a win over eventual Mountain West conference champs San Diego State. Penn State’s 5 lossesĀ are by all means teams they should’ve lost to though that game against Temple to start the season was a bit hard to watch. I sure hope Christian Hackenberg has good health insurance.

Georgia, fresh off of losing their winter coach weight, scuttles into their home away from home in Jacksonville on the backs of a 9-3 overall record and 5-3 conference record. For a 9-3 SEC team, the Bulldogs sure did play in plenty of ugly football games this season they should’ve put away by halftime. Seriously, a 9-6 win against Missouri at home? Overtime win over Georgia Southern at home? Low-scoring wins against down and out Auburn and Georgia Tech on the road by one-possession? No wonder Mark Richt seems to be quite alright coaching theĀ Miami Hurricanes.

Crystal Ball Prediction: Someone will create an actual White House petition to have the name of the game revert back to the Gator Bowl.


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Nittany Lions > Bulldogs