2015 Motel 6 Cactus Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

West Virginia Mountaineers (7-5) vs Arizona State Sun Devils (6-6) 

Yeah…have you ever listened to Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out”? You know that feeling you got on the last day of school before the summer; a feeling that rendered your brain into complete mush because you were so focused on the summer? Well…that’s what I’m feeling now.

After just doing over 40 of these bowl game predictions over the past half month, this crystal ball needs a siesta before it has to predict the CFP National Championship. Sadly for the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl, it is the final game between my siesta and I.

Seriously though, for a moment, what are you doing Cactus Bowl. I don’t care that you have a Big 12 school against a Pac 12 school in your bowl game. Why the hell are you playing your game on January 2nd? You don’t have history like the Gator Bowl (now TaxSlayer Bowl sadly) or Liberty Bowl and you don’t have a matchup anywhere close to the games played on the 1st like the Alamo Bowl does.

You are the pointless bowl. You are the Mr Irrelevant pick in the NFL draft that the league trots out and gives a jersey in light-hearted and amusing moment to end the festivities.

Don’t encourage this bowl game by watching it. I mean it’s start time is at 10:15pm on the East Coast…on a Saturday night. That should tell you how much esteem ESPN has given this game. How about playing on the 28th when you only have to compete against the Military Bowl and Quick Lane Bowl. Or how about the 21st where the only bowl game on is the Miami Beach Bowl which wasn’t even played during primetime.

Don’t latch on to this “We’re a January bowl game” narrative you’re undoubtedly trotting out because you aren’t. The GoDaddy Bowl used to be a January bowl game but they learned their place in the bowl pecking order and moved to the 23rd.

Do the same Cactus Bowl. I’m out…

Crystal Ball Prediction:…oh yeah, Arizona State wins in a blowout due to home-field advantage


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Sun Devils > Mountaineers