2015 Goodyear Cotton Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

#2 Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) vs #3 Michigan State Spartans (12-1)

In the second CFP semifinal, the 2nd ranked Alabama Crimson Tide find themselves in a familiar situation against the Big Ten champion and underdog Michigan State Spartans in this year’s Cotton Bowl which or course isn’t actually played at the literal Cotton Bowl but instead Jerry’s World because money.

As an Oregon fan, I’ll admit, last year was the first time I was ever pissed Alabama lost a football game. For those business majors made those We Want Bama shirts over two years ago with hopes that one day Oregon and Alabama would meet in football and their dream was so close to be fulfilled…until Ohio State and Cardale Jones happened. Now the Crimson Tide are tasked facing a new Big Ten Champion and an actual QB in the very venue they hoped to play in last January.

The Michigan State Spartans went 12-1 in the regular season with a 7-1 conference record against an improved Big Ten. The Spartans had a better non-conference than Alabama thanks to a…win against Oregon at home (there, I said it) even though Oregon’s QB Vernon Adams was injured the prior week because his former teammates at Eastern Washington kept taking pot shots at him and broke a finger on his throwing hand and nearly gave him a concussion but oh well.

Michigan State also possess the most unlikely win of the year thanks to the Michigan Wolverines punt team having the biggest brain fart of the entire college football season on the final play of the game. Nonetheless, the Spartans won on the road in Ann Arbor along with a road win against 2nd ranked Ohio State (couldn’t beat Oregon in Autzen the year prior however) to cap an impressive season.

Alabama meanwhile was just the same old Alabama football team once again this season. The Tide’s lone loss the entire season came at the beginning of the season and SEC conference play against one of the better SEC teams; this time Ole Miss. Alabama once again lined up what was supposed to pan out to be an impressive win against Wisconsin that turned out to be a win against a team who finished the season with zero wins against above 500 opponents.

Nonetheless, the Tide rallied off 6 wins against Top 25 opponents including three in the Top 10. Whether or not those teams warranted spots in the Top 10 remains to be seen but currently only 1 out those 3 teams still finds themselves ranked in the Top 25 so I’d say take them with a humongous grain of salt.

Crystal Ball Prediction: You can probably play a drinking game where you take a shot every time each team scores and not get buzzed once the entire game.


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Spartans > Crimson Tide