2015 Fiesta Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

#8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (10-2) vs #7 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1)

In the Fiesta Bowl, a game that shall be known by no other name than the Fiesta Bowl no matter what anyone tells you, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and there disappointed fan base face the Ohio State Buckeyes and their disappointed fan base.

I’m not suggesting the Fiesta Bowl is a bad bowl game; it’s not. It’s just after winning the National Championship Game I imagine Buckeye faithful aren’t too happy to be out of the playoff with only one loss. On the flip side…Notre Dame are never pleased unless they’re in the National Championship so it’s just business as usual on that front.

The Fighting Irish made it to the Fiesta Bowl after going 10-2 as an independent which never seems to work in NCAA 14 even if you stack the schedule. I shouldn’t say they’re an independent though since 6 opponents were from the ACC. Notre Dame just has commitment issues. Same thing happened with the Big Ten for a long time. I guess they don’t teach commitment in the catholic church. With losses to Clemson and Stanford, Notre Dame has just two wins against ranked opponents (Georgia Tech & Temple) though the Yellow Jackets have since fallen on hard times.

Ohio State fell victim to a late season loss at the hands of Michigan State at home to knock them out of both the Big Ten championship game and CFP. Funny enough the game against Michigan State set a new attendance record at Ohio Stadium so literally as many Buckeye fans as possible felt the heartbreak in person. Avoiding the strength of the Big Ten west division, Ohio State’s soft schedule made them wait until the final game of the season against 12th ranked Michigan for their first win against a Top 25 team. Don’t worry though Ohio State because when you beat the likes of Northern Illinois at home by a touchdown no one will question how good your team is.

Crystal Ball Prediction: Ohio State and Notre Dame will ask if the Fiesta Bowl is a CFP play-in game four times during the game.


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Fighting Irish > Buckeyes