#14 Michigan Wolverines (9-3) vs #19 Florida Gators (10-3)

In the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl sponsored by Mountain Dew LiveWire and Panda Express orange chicken, the 14th ranked Michigan Wolverines squares off against the 19th ranked Florida Gators in one of, if not the only, non-New Years Six bowl game that was guaranteed to sell out the moment the match-up was announced.

Thanks to the Russell Athletic Bowl and Cure Bowl crashing on the couch, the Citrus Bowl is all warmed up for this exciting game. Although seriously Russell Athletic Bowl and Cure Bowl, go find yourself your own bowl game home venue. I’m pretty sure Florida State’s stadium up in Tallahassee is vacant this time of year Russell Athletic Bowl and UCF’s new stadium just up the road has more than enough seats in it for you Cure Bowl.

Anyways, the Michigan Wolverines are coming off a season anyone with OCD would be proud of. Michigan’s three losses came in their first game, last game, and exact middle game of the season. Harbaugh’s Wolverine defense stepped up for three-straight shutouts in wins over Maryland, 22nd ranked BYU, and 13th ranked Northwestern before his special teams had one of the biggest brain farts in the history of college football to lose to Michigan State at home on the final play of the game.

When Davis ran it back against Alabama at least there was suspense and build up throughout the entire run that made it so impressive. In that loss to Michigan State, it almost looked like a Three Stooges show came to life right before our eyes. How that ball manages to get all the way to the end zone without the ball carrier getting in that mess is beyond reason.

Florida on the other hand are a lot less OCD-friendly. After an upset win in Gainesville over Ole Miss, the Gators fell to Leonard Fournette’s LSU Tigers before they had their hiccup halfway through the season. Florida went on to lose their final game of the regular season to rival Florida State at home in a blowout (they deserve an award for finishing a game with only 2 points) and lost in the SEC Championship game to Alabama. They have that win over Ole Miss to hang their hat on though…and nothing really else. I mean sure they one the SEC East but I’m sure half the teams in the Pac 12 could’ve done the same this season. Also, their final win of the season was at home against Florida Atlantic…in overtime. That doesn’t smell like a powerhouse to me.

Crystal Ball Prediction: Harbaugh will feel very comfortable wearing his Dockers in the New Years Day Florida weather.


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Gators > Wolverines