Kansas State Wildcats (6-6) vs Arkansas Razorbacks (7-5)

I had to write nine bowl game previews today…nine! That’s nearly a 1/4 of the entire bowl game season in just one day. Why? I lack the ability to manage my time wisely creating content for Spor Repor but I’m close. Hell, after the first eight¬†bowl games last year I just stopped. This past March I stopped doing Nickname Wars battles for each game during March Madness at the Sweet Sixteen mark because of massive burnout.

This is actually my last article for this Crystal Ball bowl game marathon until the CFP National Championship game…AND I’M STUCK DOING THE LIBERTY BOWL BETWEEN KANSAS STATE AND ARKANSAS! SERIOUSLY!?!

No offense to the Liberty Bowl but this is one ugly game. First off, props to Bill Snyder who single-handedly is keeping the Kansas State Wildcats football program afloat. The damn stadium is named after him for pete sakes. Imagine if the arena the Los Angeles Lakers played in right now were called Kobe Bryant Arena. That’d be pretty weird.

Kansas State does please the OCD in me having lost all six of their games in the very middle of the season with three wins on each side of them. Those losses came at the hands of the Big 12 elite and Texas with wins over West Virginia and Louisiana Tech.

It seems like a long time since…man, what was his name? The guy who played QB for the Wildcats against Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl back in 2012. I think he got some Heisman votes. I want to say his name is like Colin…or was it Clint? Anyways, it doesn’t matter now because Kansas State is just lucky to be in a bowl game that once mattered more than it does in 2015 apparently.

Arkansas, not thanks to Bret Bielema yapping like a chihuahua at the beginning of the season, amassed a 7-5 overall record and a 5-3 record in the SEC. After questioning why a team like Toledo was on Arkansas’s schedule, the Rockets showed Bielema why Toledo is on Arkansas’s schedule. Then Texas Tech did…followed by Texas A&M the week after that. Oh and Alabama really showed them why two weeks after Texas A&M did.

Sadly the Razorbacks removed Bielema’s head from his own butt in time to upset Ole Miss and LSU in consecutive weeks in November to give Arkansas a decent overall record. Thank Mississippi State though for bringing Bret back down to earth one last time before the season concluded.

Crystal Ball Prediction: Bielema won’t stop saying how much Arkansas would’ve done in the Citrus Bowl instead of Florida or instead of Tennessee in the Outback Bowl the day prior


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Wildcats > Razorbacks