2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl Prediction – Crystal Ball

#12 Ole Miss Rebels (9-3) vs #16 Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-2)

Where do I begin with this year’s Allstate Sugar Bowl? For starters, it is arguably the worst out of the New Years Six bowl games on paper; missing the excitement of a non-Power 5 school competing like the 2nd place Peach Bowl does. It pits two teams, Ole Miss and Oklahoma State who are merely there by circumstance.

The SEC took a bit of a nosedive there at the end of the season leaving Florida and LSU out of the running so Ole Miss is in. The Big 12 kind of screwed up the tiebreaker situation for the conference’s 2nd overall spot in the standings Oklahoma State is in by way of tiebreakers; no matter how much higher TCU is in the rankings.

Ole Miss, a school I no longer have an indirect affiliation with, went 9-3 with a 6-2 record in the SEC. The Rebels are the only team that can say they beat Alabama but Texas and Nebraska also have that similar thing to tout over a CFP team. Ole Miss gave Memphis they’re upset victory that propelled them to a New Years Six bowl until they ran into the teeth of the AAC.

They also lost to Arkansas in the 2nd most humiliating and Three Stooge inspired fashion this season (sorry Michigan punt team). Wins against the aforementioned Alabama along with ranked Texas A&M, LSU, and Mississippi State proves they have some quality in those legs but let’s see how they will fare against the Cowboys.

Oklahoma State for the longest time was the most quiet unranked team of the college football season. That was until their second-to-last game of the regular season against the 10th ranked Baylor Bears when they started their two-game slide to end the season with 9th ranked Oklahoma to finish out.

You see, and this is where the CFP committee confuses me. So you have Oklahoma State at 16 and Baylor currently at 17. Why? Baylor beat Oklahoma State so why the hell would you put them literally one spot ahead of Baylor? You can see where that’s stupid. I mean it’d be one thing if you put say Oregon in between the two as a cushion because you’d then have to contend with why Baylor is also better than the Ducks…but that’s not the case. It matter too because if Baylor were ranked ahead of the Cowboys than according to the Big 12 tiebreakers, the 11th ranked Horned Frogs would be in the Sugar Bowl rightfully.

I mean, c’mon guys.

Crystal Ball Prediction: Within 24 hours, fans will wonder why TCU and Florida didn’t play in the Sugar Bowl. Screw you automatic bid rules!


Winner according to Nickname Wars: Cowboys > Rebels